Authentic Leather

Australian Made Authentic Leather Sheep Wool Tall Lace-Up Boots

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1 – Mens
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WUW Price: $169.00
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Product Description
We eat food to indulge our taste-buds and satisfy our stomach, we drink water to quench our thirst, and we wear leather Sheep Wool footwear products because there is absolutely nothing better, healthier or more comforting than the warm fuzzy feeling of soft wool caressing our toes and feet.

These fine footwear products are made from Australian wool. They will not only provide you with ongoing comfort and support, but will also sooth and warm those aching feet during those ice cold winter evenings at home.

These Leather Sheep Wool Tall Lace up Boots come in 2 great colours. They are Lightweight and durable with an eva rubber sole, they have a suede leather upper (making them water resistant), and reinforced heel support for greater durability. Not only are they fashionable but they provide warmth and comfort on the coldest of days.

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Stitched sole – for any Weather
Knee high with laces
Lightweight durable eva rubber sole
Suede leather upper – water resistant
Reinforced heel support – for greater durability
Trim on top – for greater strength
Provides warmth and comfort – ideal for indoor and outdoor
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Colours Available
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Available in all sizes – Womens & Mens
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Please allow 7 to 10 working days for it to be manufactured.