Computers & IT

Computer Mouse
Get all types of mouses here from big brands like microsoft, benq, cherry & more. Wireless mouses, cordless mouses, optical mouses, usb mouses, ps2 mouses and the standard scroll mouses that are all easy to move around will fit all your needs.

Computer Cameras
Internet cameras and more! This is the place where you will find all the essential tools to broadcast over the internet. Whether it is to set up a webcam or set up a video conference with other businesses or just talking to your relatives. Some of these cameras even double as security cameras.

Desktop Computers
Get all your essential information technology needs here with top quality desktop computers from acer. All of them run on Windows XP and have at least an 80 GB Hard Drive that will do all your personal or professional needs. From editing photos, writing important documents for work or school and researching on the internet, all is possible with these desktop computers.

Notebook size keyboards, full size keyboards, number pads and more. Get keyboards from brands like Cherry, Aopen, Genius and Microsoft. Included are keyboards with security features and quick touch multimedia keys for internet, calculator, word processor and more as well as all being very reliable. Here is your one stop shop for all your keyboard needs.

LCD Monitors
See things with perfect clarity on your computer with quality LCD monitors from major brands like Acer, Asus, BenQ and LG electonics. With all having very high screen resolution and with very high lamp life, they will last for many years to come. Included are widescreen monitors so you will never miss a detail while saving space. If large screen monitors are needed, they are here too.

MultiMedia Speakers
Earphones, headphones, microphones, speakers and more! Listen to music with top quality media speakers with a lo-mid subwoofer for that extra bass enhancement or with sony earphones so only you can listen. Communicate to the world with a headset and microphone via your PC. This is the place for top quality audio listening

Notebooks / Laptops
Notebooks, laptops and more. Get notebooks from major IT brands like Acer, BenQ, Fujitsu and LG. All have at least 60GB hard drive and 512 MB of RAM and each running on Windows XP so you can do whatever you want like editing photos, writing documents and more wherever you want.

Network Servers
This is the place to get all your network servers. From major brands like Acer, these network servers are perfect for small businesses or small home computer communications between computers. With at least 80 GB hard drive and 512 MB RAM, there is a lot of storage for all files. For connectivity between computers, this is the place for you.

Printers – Ink Jet
If you want ink jet printers, this is the place for you. From major brands like Canon, these printers print exceptional quality colour pictures and black text. Also you can print directly from your digital camera with these printers without the use of the PC for extra ease. Just plug in and print. Also included are wireless and portable printers for less hassle with wires. These printers make life easier.

Printers – Laser
If you need quality black text prints, these laser printers from big printer brands like Canon and Kyocera are for you. With these printers, you don’t have to wait as they print almost immediately. There are also colour laser printers here for better presentation as well as an A3 printer. Everything you need is here.